Cracking The Code To Understanding The "U" Inside of YoU 

CRACKIN is a podcast where we delve into cracking the code to understanding the "U" inside of YoU through various authentic social perspectives surrounding intricate and multifaceted topics.

Reshaping AI In Education

Crackin interviews Superintendent Brett Zuver who explores the benefits of AI in the classroom and its underestimated benefits for students, teachers, and district personnel.

Data Collection In Education

Crackin interviews Dr. John Hodge who discusses the importance of data collection in education and how it directly improves the communication and outcomes in the classrooms.

Educational AD Podcast

The Educational AD Podcast Tech Tips #72 features an interview with the Assessdo founder, Rodney Zimmerman.

Podcast 5 Coming Soon

Podcast 5 Coming Soon.

The CRACKIN podcast examines how sports, school improvement, corporate wellness, and research initiatives, impact the experiences of various individuals within an organization or community.