Our mission is to disrupt cognitive bias and perceptions in various people and industries.

We continue to develop with a cause to help different groups of people learn more about one another, all while helping industries grow productive work environments. We lead by understanding thoughts and behaviors without unregulated interpretation.

Students in schools with police but no counselors
Students in schools with police but no nurses
Students in schools with police but no psychologist
Students in schools with police but no social worker

Who is helping with the mental health of our students?

The American Civil Liberties Union did a study to find out reasoning behind the increase of the classroom to prison pipeline.  The study is astonishing and shows why technology should be in schools to help administrators dive further into the mental health of our students. 

Influencing Automated HR Needs in The Workplace!

Management and staffs are in need more than ever, to understand how to more effectively communicate with its employees and co-workers.  Assessdo tackles this issue by helping us all understand one another without bias.  By understanding events and change within human emotions and thoughts of individuals, teams, and departments,  Assessdo seeks to help companies and staffs understand end-user branding, ways to control unionizing, and effectively build departments and teams within their organization.

“Someone’s fear of not understanding someone else can cost truth, and sometimes even a life for people of color.” – Tyler Merritt 

Police and Communities Can Move Forward Together!

Assessdo feels a deep compassion for communities of police violence and police officers serving particular communities. With a solution in mind, Assessdo steers its modules to understand police emotions before departments place their officers in the field. Our goal is 2 fold; 1) to make sure that the right officers are in the right communities; and 2) understanding officers anxieties before placing them in situations which escalate such anxieties.