Assessdo automates and analyzes perceptions based on beliefs and experiences in emotional environments.

The Power of Broader Perspective…
Providing True Insight To Perception

Assessdo provides unique, scientifically-based perception technology that helps analyze and interpret perspectives, while measuring, monitoring, and managing resiliency and behavioral health in the classroom, sports, workplace, and community. Assessdo is a key factor in communication, problem-solving, and building relationships by understanding analysis of authentic human perspectives.   

Evidence-Based Tools & Practice

Psychometric Tools

Assessdo’s algorthyms measure traits, abilities, beliefs, and behaviors, ensuring credible data for informed decisions.

Quantitative & Qualitative Approach

Assessdo instantly gauges emotions without compromising data quality while accurately capturing thoughts and feelings.

Assessdo’s AI Framework Utilizes Expert Systems and Large Language Models to Enhance its Predictive Capabilities.