A Viable Assessment Platform Means The Ability To Connect Reliability, Validity, and Bias To Formative Assessment Tools.

We understand there is a challenge in finding efficient ways to assess feelings and emotions in people and provide the feedback to support decisions, performance, and team building without bias. While many assessment platforms do not provide a deep dive into generated complex emotions, thoughts, feelings, and patterns of users and groups; or aggregations cover associated emotional insights in relation to other assets of subjects and context; Assessdo is deigned as an expert research assessment tool to complement your service toolbox.


  • Identifying Emotions
  • Accurate Self Perception
  • Possessing Strong Self Confidence
  • Understanding and Communicating Needs and Feelings.
  • Possessing Self Efficacy
  • Seeing How Behavior Affects Others
  • Developing A Growth Mindset And Learning From Mistakes
  • Learning Who You Want To Become


  • Goal Setting – Assessing Your Strengths
  • Stress Management – Prioritizing Your Responsibilities
  • Organization Skills – Develop Organizational Systems
  • Accountability – Evaluating Progress
  • Problem Solving
  • Motivation

Social Awareness

  • Ability to Observe Others
  • Cultivating Mindfulness
  • Leaning into others’ perspectives with curiosity
  • Recognizing and acknowledging the inherent strengths in others.
  • Identifying Diverse Cultural and Social Norms, Including Unjust Ones.
  • Demonstrating Empathy and Compassion.

Relationship Skills

  • Developing Mutually Healthy and Productive Relationships
  • Making and Maintaining Trusting, Respectful Friendships.
  • Demonstrating Gratitude.
  • Demonstrating Cultural Humility and Competence.

Decision Making

  • Problem Solving
  • Reasoning
  • Intuition
  • Creativity
  • Emotional Intelligence

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