The Bridge Between Understading & Interpretation

Collecting data of human input means technology needs to be forced through a continuum of emotional observation.

Rapid Screening tools

Our Assessdo technology helps individuals identify and verbalize complex generated emotions, thoughts, and behaviors.  Assessdo offers rapid screening tools that capture the perceptions, thoughts, and concerns of users in communities and organizations driving programming, skill-based needs, shifts, and changes, Assessdo is effective in both interpersonal (teamwork, collaboration, and leadership) and intrapersonal (intellectual openness and conscientiousness) evaluations.

diagnostic tools

Assessdo allows the analytical minds of users to separate the conscious from the unconscious. Users can now be authentic with their thoughts without having to reaffirm their emotional state or predict outcomes.  While the effectiveness of all humans stems from emotional understanding, Assessdo begins to understand how users feel in order to assess patterns and anomolies of what the users mind may not understand about their combined emotions.

Assessdo Disrupts a Universal Problem of  Unconscious Bias

There is a challenge in finding efficient ways to assess people and provide the feedback to support decisions, performance, and team building without bias. Most assessing does not provide 1) a deep dive into generated complex emotions, thoughts, and patterns of users and groups; 2) complex analysis of users emotions and colors; or 3) datasets covering associated emotional insights in relation to other assets of subjects and context. A viable assessment platform means the ability to connect reliability, validity, and bias to formative assessment tools.