About Assessdo

Assessdo LLC is an innovative AI technology that leverages advanced perception analytics to conduct situational behavioral analysis. We aim to automate and analyze perceptions of human behavior based on authentic beliefs and experiences in users’ natural emotional environments, enabling early identification and intervention for mental and behavioral health issues that directly impact individuals, communities, and societies as a whole.

Aligned in our mission to positively impact mental health and enhance productivity, we cultivate a culture of purposeful innovation and steadfast execution. Our applications span diverse sectors including healthcare, education, workplace, public safety, social services, military and veteran affairs, and community/non-profit organizations.

Emotion Driven AI

Assessdo is a groundbreaking natural language voice assist AI specifically designed to support mental and behavioral health within organizations and companies. Centered on emotional intelligence, our AI learns from and interacts with your organization’s environment and users’ behaviors, discerning the multifaceted human perspectives encompassing both psychological and emotional realms of behavior, cognition, and experience.

Leveraging deep learning, speech science, and vast real-world data, our platform adeptly captures nuanced human perspectives, intricate cognitive states, and contextual interactions. This emotion-driven AI can generate automated reports on actual and predictive behavioral data of users and teams, identifying potential issues through emotion analytics and addressing them through an effective change management system.

Moreover, Assessdo supports multiple languages and integrates seamlessly with enterprise systems such as CRM, ERP, SIS, and HR platforms, ensuring comprehensive support for diverse organizational needs. This advanced functionality enables us to provide tailored insights and interventions, fostering a healthier and more productive workplace environment.

Rooted In Our Core Is The Study of Perceptual Behavior

Through innovative solutions and unwavering dedication to social responsibility, we aspire to lead the charge towards a more equitable and sustainable world of mental health. Guided by principles of viability, reliability, fairness, ease of use, scalability, quality feedback, and ethical practices, we aim to provide transformative technology that enrich organizations, workplaces, and communities, while empowering individuals.

Our vision is to forge a future where AI-driven behavioral situation analytics foster inclusivity, sustainability, and prosperity for all. Powered by proprietary technologies and comprehensive solutions, Assessdos voice assist system evolves through interactions with users. Our advanced natural language processing algorithms enable Assessdo to comprehend and engage with users conversationally, gathering insights into preferences, interests, and conversational patterns. Subsequently, our platform conducts psychoanalytics to ascertain user perceptions.

Adapting to evolving societal norms, cultural sensitivities, and emerging research, Assessdo remains committed to delivering accurate, helpful, and culturally competent support. Encrypted conversations prioritize user privacy and control over shared information, navigating ethical considerations surrounding individual behavior with finesse. As users engage with Assessdo, the system employs machine learning techniques to refine responses, ensuring a personalized and meaningful user experience over time.