Designed to assess individual differences in action identification level, Assessdo helps stakeholders understand emotions and thoughts of motives behind the action.

Connecting behavioral AI to human experience.

Social perception

Involves observing affective behaviors of others, discriminating relevant environmental stimuli, and differentially reinforcing the affective behavior.

observational assessing

Helpful in understanding where police officers can be most effective and in what communities, while understanding the triggers (stress) behaviors and their root causes.


Through projective tests given to criminals, administered by a clinician, Assessdo can assess the risk of recidivism by learning complex emotions of criminals.

personality inventory

Assessdo is part of risk/needs assessing of offenders in detention facilities to help estimate the risk of recidivism.

human resources

Each Assessdo social assistance tool allows stakeholders in HR the ability to understand thoughts of staff without bias while improving attention to user needs.

educational services

Educational institutions use Assessdo’s behavioral analysis tools to understand and improve certain behaviors, such as communication, social skills, poor academics, departments, and teacher performance.

social research, analysis, & assistance

Assessdo not only allows departments to understand their officers, but our AI assets and tags allow comparisons of behaviors of officers.  Assessdo is also used for community and police officer research studies. 

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