assessdo has a corporate responsibility

Igniting posibilities and creating impact while navigating a changing world together.

Message from the CEO

Forward-thinking human behavior

We pride ourselves in helping you automate and analyze the perceptions of end users. We specialize in software solutions designed for mental health-conscious organizations, but we have found uses for our solutions in other types of organizations. Our innovative tools consider end users’ beliefs, attitudes, and experiences in their emotional environments. What sets us apart from competitors is our cutting-edge AI technology, which acts as a bridge between thoughts and emotions.   We demonstrate Asssessdo’s commitment to ethical and accountable behavior by considering the potential social impacts of AI and taking steps to ensure that the technology is used in a responsible and beneficial manner. 


Innovation is a driving force that fuels every endeavor at Assessdo.

In this dynamic environment, thoughts are not just fleeting notions. They’re seeds of possibility, waiting to be nurtured and brought to life. With the help of our cutting-edge assessment technology, we transform thoughts into tangible results.

Our goal is to unleash clarity before turbulent times occur

Social Impact

Together, let’s construct a workplace and world that embraces inclusivity and diversity.


We strive to cultivate a workplace that reflects the diversity of society.


We foster an environment where all individuals feel valued, respected, and included,


We cultivate understanding, compassion, and the ability to relate to and feel.

Paving the Path to an Empowered Future through Education

Data-Informed Decision Making

Emotional assessments play a significant role in the growth and sustainability of education by focusing on emotional well-being and social-emotional development.

Early Intervention And Support

We help identify those who may be experiencing emotional challenges, such as anxiety, stress, or social difficulties. Early identification allows stakeholders to provide timely interventions, targeted support, and resources to address emotional needs.

Creating a Positive Environment

Emotional assessments inform stakeholders about the emotional climate and the overall well-being of those being assessed.

equality & justice

Creating An Inclusive Future For All

Together, we stand resolute in our pursuit of creating profound and enduring transformation within our communities. Guided by an unwavering commitment to inclusive business practices, investment in resources, empowering organizations, nurturing partnerships, developing technology with inclusivity at its core, and championing policies that foster racial equality, we are dedicated to effecting systemic change.


Our tools play a crucial role in promoting equity by ensuring fair and unbiased evaluation of individuals’ abilities, potential, and opportunities, regardless of their racial background.

bias awareness

We uncover and address biases that may be present in educational or employment systems, allowing for a more objective and equitable evaluation of individuals, regardless of their race.


We serve as a tool for holding institutions accountable in addressing racial disparities and inequalities, ensuring that efforts are made to provide equal access and opportunities for all.


Our platform provides data that can be used to identify disparities, track progress towards equality, and inform evidence-based decision-making aimed at addressing injustice.