Aligning unbiased thoughts, behaviors, and emotions allowing the necessary dialogue for stronger interpretation and conversation.


Ask, discuss, and better understand thoughts and emotions within practices, performance, evaluations, training processes, and retention models. 


Gather the right information, engage the right connections through understanding, and directly create a more comprehensive approach while curving bias interpretation.

Assessdos Fits Your Teams Service Toolbox

Individual 360°

Assessdo allows individuals the opportunity to create a safe environment where they can disclose and explore emotions they might never address in front of supervisors. When an organization is committed to investing in the rehabilitation of a high-potential employee, Assessdo is the ideal solution that allows employees to explore perceptions and emotions without embarrassment or organizational risk.

Corporate 360°

Assessdo offers aggregated datasets that help executives and managers develop more awareness about culture diversity and roles in a group or department. Assessdo aims to bring understanding amongst managers and executives while helping them execute roles with higher efficiency. Assessdo prepares executives and managers for incidents of discrimination while creating trust amongst employees as the organization takes steps towards an inclusive workplace.

Relation Management

Assessdo provides tools that an organization needs to manage engagement and performance while driving more value across departments. Assessdo allows employees to effectively manage emotions and thoughts, ultimately achieving the goals of departments to create an effective workspace. Assessdo allows you to connect your service and teams with a single view.

Designed To Bring Teams Together

Unconscious Bias

Assessdo focuses on understanding, recognizing and managing unconscious bias thoughts in the workplace, and the relationship between employees and departments.


Assessdo provide evaluators with the necessary data to understand the effects such microexpressions have amongst co-workers.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Assessdo provides data that leads towards practical steps to help employees choose inclusive actions, improve cultural competency and address unconscious bias.