Assessdo In Education

At Assessdo, we offer specialized assessment tools that examine how people perceive situations, providing valuable insights into their coping strategies and trends. Our quantitative and qualitative methods extract meaningful insights, enabling informed decision-making and targeted interventions. This fosters growth and development for organizations and individuals by optimizing learning outcomes and overall well-being.

Using Perception Data to Guide School Improvement

Tools Built For School Transformation

Students, Parents, Teachers, Administrators, And Community

  • Share unbiased thoughts to help improve instructional practice.
  • Better understand feelings behind unbiased thoughts of students and staffs.
  • Provide unbiased insights to emotions and predictive outcomes of growth.
  • Enable stakeholders to create relevant strategies to meet educational goals.
  • Improve organizational culture and teacher competence.
  • Spot strengths and weaknesses in instructional methods and class management.


  • Widen the lens so the focus isn’t exclusively on the teacher’s actions.
  • Analyze the data, saving time to focus on implementation.
  • Become a larger part of the strategic classroom planning process.
  • Specific needs are provided to stakeholders through custom reporting.
  • Reveal unbiased thoughts through coping analysis.
  • Redirect the motivational and emotional state of each experience.

Formative & Quantitative Reporting

  • Progress tracking and reporting insights of key metrics.
  • Analysis of behavioral patterns and trends help gain insights into individuals.
  • Analysis of risk identification when identifying triggers and patterns.
  • Aggregate data analysis by examining data across multiple individuals or groups.
  • Frequency tables looking for patterns in the data.
  • Analysis of barriers of all stakeholders including teachers, parents, and students.

Classroom Management

Our mission is to empower educational institutions of all levels by providing them with a comprehensive sentiment and coping assessment tools that prepares them for a future-oriented landscape.

Many school appraisals are designed around five core social and emotional learning competencies.

Providing students and teachers with opportunities to reflect on their own development and provide evaluators with insights into strengths and challenges, Assessdo’s tools provide the framework to help cultivate skills and environments that advance students’ learning and development.


Includes how we identify and process our emotions and reflect on our own strengths and identities.


Includes how we set goals, manage stress, and demonstrate resilience

Social Awareness

Includes the ability to empathize and take the perspectives of others from similar and diverse backgrounds.

Relationship Skills

Includes establishing and maintaining healthy relationships and collaboratively finding solutions to challenges.


Includes analyzing situations, solving problems, and making decisions that promote collective well-being.

Enjoy the best of mentorship through partnership

Connecting Conversations & Building Relationships Through Data Analysis

Assessdo’s tools serve as valuable resources for Mentoring Organizations seeking to foster meaningful connections between their students. Our approach is rooted in open communication and unbiased analysis, promoting a holistic understanding of mentor-mentee relationships. By employing a long-term relationship approach, we assess and evaluate the evolving dynamics between mentors and mentees.

One key aspect of our tools is coping analysis data, which provides insights into the emotional landscape underlying the mentees’ thoughts and experiences. This information helps mentors gain a deeper understanding of the feelings and emotions that shape their mentees’ perspectives. By delving into these nuances, mentors can better support and guide their mentees through challenges and provide appropriate guidance.

Our tools aim to facilitate a comprehensive and empathetic approach to mentoring, enabling Mentoring Organizations to cultivate impactful relationships that positively influence the mentees’ personal and academic growth. Through the integration of Assessdo’s tools, mentors can gain valuable insights and enhance their ability to effectively support and connect with their mentees on a deeper level.



Assessdo seeks to overcome this limitation by incorporating subjective viewpoints into the assessment process, offering fresh insights and perspectives without bias.

a comprehensive approach

Qualitative assessing allows athletes to share their unique insights and personal experiences. By giving athletes a voice and valuing their subjective input, Assessdo creates a more inclusive and comprehensive assessment process.


Shed light on factors such as an athlete’s mindset, motivation, confidence, mental resilience, and the impact of external factors on their performance.

Transforming Education, One Customer Story At A Time 

Ability to allow students to express themselves without unconscious bias.

Student-Centered Approach

Ability to align cohesive communication between teachers, parents, & students.

Parents & Community Engagement

Ability to assess potential barriers amongst students relationships.

School Climate

Ability to align school mission while strengthening SEL resource efforts.

Effective School Leadership