Creating Stronger Communities by Better Understanding Perceptions

Education and Awareness
Community Engagement and Dialogue

Adaptive Behaviors

Behavioral Patterns

Identifies behavioral response to different situations and flags significant shifts or trends. 

Predictive Insights

Predicts potential future behaviors and responses to anticipate and mitigate risks.

Parallel Insights

Relationship Analysis

Tracks how the foundational behaviors and situations evolve over time and analyzes the impact of relationships.

Comparative Analysis

Compares individual user behavior and risk profiles with peer groups to identify outliers and benchmark performance.

Behavioral Anomalies

Detects deviations from typical behavior and sudden changes in risk analysis, which might indicate underlying issues.

Embracing Inclusivity and Diversity

We all have perspectives, many times based on our own interpretive biases.  But if we understood perceptions, our actions could be more data driven.

Assessdo Automates A Mindset Shift

This innovative system is designed to understand, interpret, and seamlessly interact within the unique context of your organization’s environment. EchoSphere excels in processing social cues and contextual information, ensuring interactions are culturally and socially appropriate, thereby fostering better engagement, enhancing communication, and supporting a harmonious organizational culture.

community awareness response engagement system (c.a.r.e.s.)

The purpose of the C.A.R.E. technology is to enhance community interaction and service quality through systematic engagement. By surveying and communicating with community members, the system raises Awareness of their needs and concerns. It facilitates an immediate Response to these inputs, ensuring that community issues are promptly addressed. Finally, it fosters ongoing Engagement, encouraging active participation and collaboration between the community and service providers. This comprehensive approach aims to create a responsive, informed, and engaged community, ultimately leading to improved customer service and community satisfaction.

Control Change Management system

Our automated system reduces manual intervention while speeding up the change process through recommendations and actions selected by stakeholders including implementation of new processes and adjustments to workflows in real-time.