Our Mission

Assessdo transforms how companies, institutions, and communities understand and manage performance and communication, aiming for enhanced organizational performance and customer satisfaction. By automating and analyzing perceptions of human behavior based on authentic beliefs and experiences in users’ natural emotional environments, we tackle the multifaceted challenges of high churn rates. Our core objectives focus on fostering heightened engagement, satisfaction, and retention in the workplace and community.

Our Vision

We envision a future where businesses excel in managing relationships with employees and customers, achieving unparalleled organizational performance and customer satisfaction. Our holistic approach offers tailored solutions for niche markets, emphasizes feedback systems and communication channels, supports work-life balance, and provides robust analytics and reporting tools. By understanding the context and environment in which employees and customers operate, we empower our clients to swiftly and effectively address their challenges with faster and better insights.

CARING Architecture

Our CARING  automated system makes processes smooth and seamless.

Construct  – We allow you to design the underlying structure and features based on the intended purpose or goals.

Automate  We automate execution and management processes and functionalities defined during the construction phase.

Review  Our system assesses performance, asking the why and how, while identifying issues, and ensuring that the implemented system aligns with the intended objectives.

Identify  Our system analyzes feedback collection and identifies perceptions.

Navigate  We ensure ease of use, accessibility, and functionality. 

Generate  Our system automates new outputs or feedback loops involving synthesizing findings and drawing conclusions.