The Pulse Module is a formative assessment interpretation tool providing next steps for training or education processes. A rapid screening tool that captures the perceptions, thoughts, and concerns of users driving programming, skill-based needs, shifts, and changes, Pulse is effective in both interpersonal (teamwork, collaboration, and leadership) and intrapersonal (intellectual openness and conscientiousness) evaluations.

Pulse Transforms Your School And Community Culture

Linking subjective data to social emotional outcomes

Pulse determines the severity, irritability and nature of the user’s thoughts; bringing train of thought to action through pictures and words.

provides fresh insights and perspective without bias

A new perspective into the minds of how users think, feel, and potential solutions provided by human input.

bringing thoughts forward into discussions

Pulse allows data to be collected which helps identify if the user views a picture theme or text subject as a negative danger (low Risk, cautious, elevated risk, high risk, or severe risk), or a positive well-being (positive thoughts, positive experiences, responses, purpose, or positive coping).

Pulse Moves The Conversation Forward In Education

Pulse helps institutions redirect teacher and staff perceptions in order to align with the school mission.

Training & Development

Pulse allows students to express themselves without bias to help institutions understand their culture.

Social Emotional

Pulse gives unbiased thought and emotion perspective of potential families joining educational institutions.


Pulse provides a unique in depth look into how teachers and administrators feel they are performing within schools.

Performance Reviews

Pulse assesses potential barriers amongst students and their potential relationships within the school.

Social Emotional

Pulse works with school districts to provide necessary data of schools, aligning statistical insight.

District Structuring