Sensitivity Management

Assessdo understands events and change within human emotions and thoughts of individuals, teams, and departments.

Our visualization software focuses on making management and employees aware of their attitudes and behavior toward others.  This includes people who are different in race, color, gender, religion, age, ability, sexual orientation, ethnicity and other categories.

Designed To Bring People Together

Unconscious Bias

Assessdo focuses on understanding, recognizing and managing unconscious bias thoughts in the workplace, and the relationship between employees and departments.


Assessdo runs comparison analysis of microaggressions to provide evaluators with the necessary data to understand the effects such microexpressions have amongst co-workers.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Assessdo provides data that leads towards practical steps to help employees choose inclusive actions, improve cultural competency and address unconscious bias.

Assessdo For Sensitivity Management

Employee Relationship Management

Assessdo provides tools that an organization needs to manage engagement and performance while driving more value across every organizational structure. Assessdo allows employees to effectively manage emotions and thoughts, ultimately achieving the goals of the organization to create an effective workspace. Assessdo allows you to connect your service and teams with a single view.

Individual 360

Assessdo allows individuals the opportunity to create a safe environment where they can disclose and explore issues they might never address in front of supervisors.  When an organization is committed to investing in the rehabilitation of a high-potential employee, Assessdo is the ideal solution that allows employees to explore ideas and perceptions without embarrassment or organizational risk.

Stakeholder 360

Assessdo for stakeholders is a group analysis utilizing our asset and tag management system that helps executives and managers develop more awareness about their roles in the group. It aims to bring peace among stakeholders while helping them become better leaders in an organization. Assessdo prepares executives and managers for incidents of discrimination while creating trust amongst employees as the organization takes steps towards an inclusive workplace.

Hiring & ReTENTION

Aligning employees with characteristics that best fit within the corporate culture while onboarding with organization-specific imaging.

cognitive assessing

Connect and enable different aspects of generated emotions from employees all while having the ability to review an unbiased interpretation of employees and teams.

personality inventory

Create healthy levels of employee retention and better understand emotions working with the company or within specific departments.

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