Supporting diverse learners, including students with disabilities

The Assessdo platform provides universal access to all diverse student learners and students with disabilities. Due to having more non-verbal learners in special education, the Assessdo software is designed with visual and auditory cognitive appraisal in emotion tools in order to help engage students while collecting the necessary emotional and cognitive data.

Individualized Support

Using the Assessdo software, schools can capture data on students’ behavior and interactions, providing valuable insights into their learning preferences, engagement levels, and challenges. This information can be used to develop individualized support plans tailored to the specific needs of each student. Educators can leverage the software’s data to identify areas where additional assistance or accommodations may be necessary, promoting inclusive and personalized learning experiences.

Behavior Monitoring and Intervention

For students with behavioral challenges or disabilities, our situation perception software can help monitor their behavior patterns and detect triggers or early signs of distress. By providing real-time alerts to educators and support staff, the software can facilitate timely intervention and support strategies to address and manage challenging behaviors effectively

Accessibility and Universal Design

The Assessdo software can contribute to creating inclusive learning environments by identifying barriers to accessibility. It can detect instances where students with disabilities may face challenges in accessing educational materials, physical spaces, or technology. This information can inform the implementation of universal design principles, ensuring that learning experiences and resources are accessible to all students, regardless of their abilities.

Progress Monitoring and Goal Setting

The Assessdo software can assist educators in setting appropriate goals and monitoring their achievement. This is particularly valuable for students with disabilities who may have individualized education plans (IEPs) or specific learning goals.

Assessdo Incorporates Universal Design to Identify Emotions of School Communities.

(K)now Yourself

Assess emotions involving a capacity for problem solving, perception, and emotional thinking. 

(C)hoose yourself

School communities manage by being intentional, determining the nature of the users thoughts.

(G)ive yourself

Create resolve by being purposeful in the vision, values, and empathy with each user.

Research highlights short term benefits of students engagement in social emotional learning, including:

  • Enhanced self confidence
  • Development of self management skills
  • Improved attendance and grades
  • More positive social relations

It’s also found benefits in the long run:

  • Increased school completion
  • Better mental health
  • Career success
  • Engaged citizens
  • Positive work and family relationships

The Assessdo Promise

The promise of Assessdo in providing visual and auditory formative assessments to diverse learners and students with disabilities is to 1) improve attainment and achievement; 2) improve classroom culture, teaching, and learning environments; and 3) improve confidence, resilience, and self-esteem through self-awareness.

Using pictures, videos, and color tools, students are able to translate abstract thoughts into more realistic forms of interpretation. Our empirical data has shown that our visual formative assessment tools provide students with a chance to reflect on what they can see while providing formative results of informed cognitive perception.