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Podcast Speakers

Dr. Zimmerman received his B.S. Degree in Mathematics from South Carolina State University, his M.S. Degree in Industrial Engineering from Georgia Tech, and his Doctoral Degree from The George Washington University. Upon graduation from college, he was commissioned a Second Lieutenant in the US Army. During his 27-year Army career, he served in Vietnam where he received the Purple Heart for wounds in combat. Zimmerman retired at the rank of Colonel. Following his military career, Zimmerman served as a high school administrator for 22 years in Virginia and Georgia.

Dr. Zimmerman has written a book entitled " A Call To Share" which features a collection of letters that together define and identify systemic racism in America. The letters contained address how it's manifested in various segments of our society - education, corporate/business, government, and The Church - most frequently through acts of omission. Each letter in the book contains suggested solutions to the core of the settings being addressed. Such solutions offered generally require profound, quite possibly traumatic, changes.

Brett Zuver is Superintendent of Grant Public Schools in Grant, Michigan. Mr. Zuver was Belding High School principal and athletic director from 2008-16. Prior to entering K-12 education, Zuver was the men’s basketball head coach and an instructor at Emory College from 1998-2007. He also coached at Colorado College from 1993-98. From 1991-93, he was an assistant basketball coach at Northwestern Oklahoma State University where he was also a student. He earned his master’s degree from NOSU in 1993.

Dr. John Hodge has over 30-years of experience in education, and is a nationally recognized consultant. During his career, Dr. Hodge has provided training and support to educators in over 300 rural, urban and sub-urban school districts that serve over a million students in the United States, Canada and South America. His work and expertise are particularly focused on the areas of leadership, student achievement, equity, student resilience, poverty and high academic achievement despite the presence of risk-factors.

Dr. Hodge has helped educators in elementary, middle and high schools make the necessary changes to help all children meet and exceed rigorous academic standards. He is known as a master teacher and staff developer. Dr. Hodge's career has been defined by assisting students and teachers overcome obstacles and achieve goals. He has also served as an inspirational speaker throughout the United States. Dr. John W. Hodge is truly one of America's most respected voices in education.

The CRACKIN podcast examines how sports, school improvement, corporate wellness, and research initiatives, impact the experiences of various individuals within an organization or community.