Assessdo supports parents concerns over social-emotional assessing of their students in school

 Assessdo is a preferred platform for social-emotional assessment due to its many benefits and proven effectiveness in supporting students’ overall well-being while assuring parents a safe and healthy way to assess students without worrying about bias, confidentiality, and reliability of their child’s social-emotional assessment results.

Eliminating Bias In Assessing

No longer is sensitive information mishandled or used against your child in any way. Assessdo does not allow student results to be read and misinterpreted. Our AI system analyzes all responses and gives coping responses without providing any students choices or thoughts. This is done to ensure there is no implicit bias, while reassuring students the opportunity to be authentic with their thoughts and comfortable in taking assessments. 

Identifying Cultural Differences

While cultural or generational differences may play a role in parental hesitation of their students ability to take an accurate assessment,  Assessdo has created internal cultural pathways to provide appropriate assessments to diverse students. This ensures students with cultural differences are not placed in a standard assessment bubble.

Creating Validated & Reliable Results

We understand that some parents may distrust the validity and accuracy of social-emotional assessments. No longer do parents have to worry about the the qualifications of the assessors, or the potential biases that could influence the results. Assessdo uses a proprietary AI system built on a solid foundation of research and evidence-based practices. Using pictures, context, and colors, Assessdo has designed algorithms that help understand the feelings and emotions behind assessed thoughts.   Our assessment modules align with established frameworks including MTSS (mutli-tiered systems of support), PBIS (positive behavioral intervention and support), and CASEL’s (Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning) five core competencies.

Progress Monitoring

Assessdo believes that parents should be on the frontline of understanding and tracking their students’ social-emotional progress over time.  By facilitating ongoing evaluation and reflection, parents can identify growth areas, measure the effectiveness of interventions, and celebrate the achievements and advancements made by all students.

A Holistic Approach

Parents do not need to worry that their child could be labeled or stigmatized based on the results of social-emotional assessments. Assessdo offers a well-rounded assessment framework that evaluates various dimensions of social-emotional development, such as self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making.

Collaboration and Communication

Assessdo provides a platform for collaboration and communication between educators, parents, and students. Through the platform, parents have access to their child’s social-emotional assessment data, enabling each parent and student to better understand their strengths, challenges, and growth areas. It also serves as a channel for educators and parents to exchange insights, strategies, and resources that can support their child’s development both in and outside of school.  By collaborating with you and leveraging this powerful assessment tool, we can work together to help your child thrive academically, emotionally, and socially.