Assessdo Moves The Conversation Forward In Education

Assessdo helps institutions redirect teacher and staff perceptions in order to align with the school mission.

Training & Development

Assessdo allows students to express themselves without bias to help institutions understand their culture.

Student Relationships

Assessdo gives unbiased thought and emotion perspective of potential families joining educational institutions.


Assessdo provides a unique in depth look into how teachers and administrators feel they are performing within schools.

Performance Reviews

Assessdo assesses potential barriers amongst students and their potential relationships within the school.

Student Bullying

Assessdo works with school districts to provide necessary data of schools, aligning statistical insight.

District Structuring

Assessdo allows coaches to better understand the dynamics of their team personnel before practice and games.

Athletic Teams

Assessdo helps evaluators understand potential new staff before the actual interview takes place. 


Assessdo Leverages Service Model

Partnerships With Schools


Districts and School Boards

Social Workers & Psychologists

Partnerships With Professional Services

Leadership Consulting Centers

College & Career Readiness Organizations