Our assessment research modules are designed to gather reliable data using universal tools to assess social-emotional learners (SEL). Using picture, video, and color tools, students, teachers, and administrations are able to translate abstract thoughts into more realistic forms of interpretation.

Our Expert Research Design & Analysis Elevates Your Reporting

Allows students to express themselves without unconscious bias.

Social Emotional

Provides san opportunity to gather unbiased thoughts and perspectives.


Helps redirect teacher and staff perceptions to align school mission.

Performance Reviews

Assesses potential barriers amongst students and their potential relationships.

Social Emotional

Works with school districts to provide necessary data aligning statistical insight.

District Structuring

Assessdos Tools Fit Your Service Toolbox

Student 360 Assessment Tools

Assessdo features diagnostic assessment and benchmark measures with the potential to cultivate inner potentialities and seek out optimal challenges in schools and programs. Our AI driven technology makes informed decisions with an unbiased interpretation of each participant by determining the severity, irritability, and nature of the participants thoughts while bringing train of thought to action through pictures, videos, and subject-to-context analysis. 

Data Reporting System

Our data reporting system is designed for peak configurability, making it easy to administer, manage, and interpret results. The system features scoring datasets, easily accessible data transcripts providing relevant participant data; progress and growth monitoring; and accessible individual, session, and participant data that provide unbiased formative data and detailed complex emotions regarding students’ skills mastery.

Participant Portfolio Management System

Our portfolio management system logs all completed assessments in the participants individual transcript platform. Transcript items are categorized by codes. Participants can view approved transcripts and are able to filter items by transcript codes. Participants can download a PDF of their transcript. Evaluators have the ability to dictate relative appropriateness of the results data for distribution and consumption to various departments and organization stakeholders.

Assessdo captures authentic thoughts and generated complex emotions of every student and provides an opportunity to better understand shifts and changes necessary for stronger outcomes.