Shape Perspectives while Fueling Success In Education

  • Self Reflection
  • Cultural Competence
  • Academic Proficiency
  • Employee Engagement
  • Job Satisfaction

Explore the multifaceted perceptions that shape students, teachers, and administrators interpretations, encompassing academic challenges, classroom dynamics, and administrative decisions.

Data-Driven Insights Enhance Educational Quality and Engagement

Assessdo Boosts Proficiency In Students

  • Students are authentic with their thoughts and perspectives.
  • Tailor goals based on understanding behaviors.
  • Understand student struggles in certain situations.
  • Track individual/peer perceptions and aggregated behaviors.
  • Understand generated emotions and predictive motivations.

Assessdo Boosts Proficiency In Instructors

  • Insights of where professional development might be necessary.
  • Adjust teaching styles to improve student learning experiences.
  • Better allocation of resources by understanding instructors’ needs.
  • Help influence a positive environment and working atmosphere.

Assessdo Boosts Proficiency In Schools

  • Address concerns aligning actions with community expectations.
  • Allows for district-wide trend data in coping strategies.
  • Data insights provide a qualitative understanding of school perception.
  • Creates an ability to use data to inform school policies.
  • Enables schools to monitor and improve educational quality.

Assessdo Boosts Proficiency In Parenting

  • Communicate more effectively between students and teachers.
  • Allows for effective collaboration between parents and educators.
  • Understand parental perceptions that reflect child’s individual needs.
  • Encourages parental involvement with school district and educators.
  • Streamline communication directly impacting students well-being.

Student Domains are designed around core social and emotional learning competencies.

Providing students and teachers with opportunities to reflect on their own development and provide evaluators with insights into strengths and challenges, Assessdo’s tools provide the framework to help cultivate skills and environments that advance students’ learning and development.

Assessdo Uses Effective Evidence-Based Tools & Practices

 Assessdo’s tools include replications of nationally normed studies that are validated with the highest levels of reliability.  Our proposed computer adaptive AI platform is nationally normed and validated with the highest levels of validity and reliability, and provides a measure of growth over time.

CASEL Framework

Formative Measurements

Industry Standard Tools

Qualitative Assessing

Quantitative Approach

Geneva Appraisal Method