Likert Scale

  • Provide an objective and quantifiable measurement of attitudes/opinions.
  • Work well in structured surveys and situations where the range of responses can be predetermined.
  • Limited in the complexity of emotional responses they can capture.
  • Versatile and applicable to various research settings.


  • Deals with the subjective and nuanced nature of emotions.
  • More suitable for exploring a broad spectrum of emotions and feelings in less constrained scenarios.
  • Deeper exploration of mixed emotions and subtle emotional shifts.
  • Require more sophisticated NLP techniques and tools.

Assessdo separates itself from likert scales by improving effectiveness .

Assessdo gains insights into the affective aspects of user experiences.

Students in schools with police but no counselors
Students in schools with police but no nurses
Students in schools with police but no psychologist
Students in schools with police but no social worker

Who is helping with the mental health of our students?

The American Civil Liberties Union did a study to find out reasoning behind the increase of the classroom to prison pipeline.  The study is astonishing and shows why technology should be in schools to help administrators dive further into the mental health of our students. 


Assessdo allows users to be authentic with their thoughts while helping organizations identify user complex emotions, thoughts, and behaviors.

reliable results

Assessdo offers reliable rapid assessment results of perceptions, and concerns; driving programming, skill-based needs, shifts, and changes.

research solutions

Assessdo is effective in interpersonal teamwork, collaboration, leadership, and intrapersonal intellectual openness and conscientiousness.