Unlock the power of insight and elevate the art of reporting 

Individual Participant Reporting

performance overview

Performance overviews include average calculations for each domain related to the social competence of the individual being evaluated in each appraisal.

sentiment analysis & emotion detection

Provides negative aspects and positive outcomes, taking into account the triggers and motivations involved while considering various elements of subject matter.

proficiency evaluation

Social aptitude scoring provides evaluators with an assessment score of users overall social competence.


Evaluators have the option to input individual notes that will be showcased on the user’s personalized report.

Group Reporting

collective performance and domain-specific summary

Group performance overviews provide calculated averages for each domain within the realm of social competence. Domain specific summaries provide data on group performance in relation to individuals social competence levels. 

aggregate data and cross-cultural analysis

Group reporting provides summary data of the number of participants, completion rate, and average time of assessment participation. Cultural comparisons are populated in group reporting, and group scores present evaluators with a comprehensive assessment score of the groups overall social competence.

multiple assessment reporting

Provides social competence data per instance date to show improvement ranges amongst various groups.