Investment Opportunity Report

Executive Summary: Assessdo is a promising tech startup focused on revolutionizing how perceptions are interpreted while pairing technology with a broader understanding of human behavior is important in the classroom, workplace, and amongst law enforcement and communities alike. We believe that our technology can ultimately reduce the friction between negative responses and outcomes in the forementioned environments. Our focus lies in emotional intelligence, discerning the multifaceted human perspectives encompassing both psychological and emotional realms of behavior, cognition, and experience. We are determined to make our UI a natural collaborative experience for all users demonstrating the power of connecting perspectives and perception. Despite being in the design phase without any sales, Assessdo has demonstrated significant potential in terms of market opportunity, proprietary technology, experienced team, and early traction.

Introduction: Assessdo aims to address the inefficiencies and complexities of perception data faced by organizations and industries through its cutting-edge software solution. With a focus on analyzing situational awareness, our tools make more informed decisions of human perception. By understanding the context and environment in which humans operate, our tools provide improved LLM performance, emotional intelligence, learning and growth, and continuous improvement of optimization and collaboration.

Market Potential: Market research indicates a substantial growth trajectory for the behavioral insight technology market, with an estimated size of $3,658.25 billion by 2033. Assessdo targets a niche segment within this market, catering specifically to the needs of educational organizations, the sports industry, corporation HR departments, communities, and research institutions which represents a significant opportunity for growth and market penetration.

Technology and Intellectual Property: Assessdo has developed proprietary algorithms and innovative approaches that differentiate its software platform from existing solutions. The startup highlights its commitment to technological innovation and intellectual property protection.

Team and Expertise: The founding team of Assessdo comprises seasoned professionals with extensive experience in behavioral analysis, software development, and entrepreneurship. Their collective expertise, track record of success, and shared vision for Assessdo’ growth position the startup for success in executing its business strategy.

Traction and Milestones: Despite being in the design phase, Assessdo has achieved significant milestones, including the development of a functional prototype and successful completion of preliminary user testing. The startup has also conducted a pilot program, demonstrating market validation and early traction.

Comparable Transactions: Recent funding rounds in comparable SaaS startups within the project management or productivity software space provide valuation benchmarks for Assessdo. Based on similar market potential, technology innovation, and early-stage milestones, comparable startups have achieved valuations in the range of $3 million in their seed funding rounds.

Investor Sentiment: Investor interest in SaaS startups targeting small businesses and remote work solutions is robust, driven by market trends and the increasing demand for digital tools and automation. Assessdo’ value proposition aligns with these trends, presenting an attractive investment opportunity for investors seeking exposure to high-growth technology sectors.

Conclusion: Assessdo represents a compelling investment opportunity for investors looking to support innovation in AI and behavior technology. With its strong market potential, proprietary technology, experienced team, and early traction, Assessdo is poised for success in disrupting the project management software market. We invite you to explore this investment opportunity and join us in shaping the future of behavioral analysis and AI.

For further information or to discuss investment terms, please contact: Rodney Zimmerman at (404) 380-0534.

Thank you for considering Assessdo for your investment portfolio.