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Our data-driven approach employs a comprehensive evaluation framework that takes into account a range of essential factors influencing individuals’ well-being within the workplace. We recognize the significance of a holistic perspective and consider multiple aspects, including the work environment, stress levels, work-life balance, emotional expression, task complexity, and decision-making autonomy.

When assessing the work environment, we analyze the physical and social surroundings in which employees operate. This includes factors such as the layout of the workspace, noise levels, temperature, lighting, and overall comfort. Additionally, we delve into the social dynamics, examining aspects such as team collaboration, communication channels, and leadership style, to gauge their impact on employee well-being.

A Unique Approach To Occupational Health

Building stronger organizations through thoughtful engagement

our goal is to empower organizations to create healthier, more supportive work environments that prioritize the well-being of their employees. By leveraging data and actionable insights, we aim to foster a positive and productive workplace culture that enhances overall job satisfaction and contributes to the long-term success of both individuals and organizations.

Assessdo Fits Your Teams Service Toolbox

Assessing Perception In The Workplace

Through organizational surveys, we gauge perceptions of the work environment, uncovering potential occupational hazards. Self-report questionnaires allow employees to express their stress levels, job satisfaction, and work-life balance, providing valuable insights into their overall well-being. Behavioral assessments evaluate factors such as mood, social withdrawal, and emotional expression, offering a deeper understanding of their mental state. Job analysis focuses on analyzing the complexity of tasks and the level of decision-making autonomy in order to identify potential stressors or areas for improvement.

Diagnosing Social Behavior

Assessdo plays a crucial role in supporting initiatives focused on development and mental health screenings by providing tools to assess the health and well-being of staff, faculty, and individuals. These tools enable comprehensive evaluations of various aspects related to their mental and emotional state, allowing for a holistic understanding of their needs. By leveraging Assessdo, organizations and corporate entities gain valuable insights that can inform targeted interventions, promote early identification of potential challenges, and facilitate the implementation of appropriate support systems.

Relationship Management

With Assessdo, employees are empowered to effectively manage their emotions and thoughts, contributing to the overall goals and success of their respective departments. By providing a holistic view, Assessdo enables organizations to connect their services and teams, facilitating seamless collaboration and communication. This unified approach ensures that all departments work together towards creating an effective and harmonious workspace. With Assessdo, organizations can unlock the full potential of their workforce, fostering a culture of productivity, engagement, and success.

Assessdo Aligns with Augmented Strategic Partnerships

Technology Partnership

Assessdo provides enhanced insights that complement existing capabilities, offering a comprehensive solution that addresses both strategic and emotional aspects of decision-making.

Data-Analytics Firms

Assessdo’s partnership provides a more comprehensive and holistic approach to data analysis, incorporating emotional insights into services and delivering increased value to their clients.


Experience the ultimate partnership blending telemedicine with empathetic understanding of client emotions.

Assessments from the comfort of home with immediate feedback from healthcare providers. It can enable patients to perform self-assessments, capture health-related data, and share the information with healthcare providers during virtual consultations.