Unlimited Assessments with Empowering Results

Tier I
$ 10

/ user annually

2 evaluators / 10 – 250 members

Annual License ($399)

includes 1 domain themes

Tier ii
$ 8

/ user annually

5 evaluators / 250 – 500 members

Annual License ($599)

includes 2 domain themes

tier iii
$ 7

/ user annually

10 evaluators / 501+ members

Annual License ($799)

includes 3 domain themes

Client Domain Themes (includes free consultation & appraisal design)

  • Each additional domain theme ($250)
  • Each additional evaluator ($99)
  • Package Deals Available (CALL!!!)

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No Hidden Fees: We value everything you do to enhance young lives and want to be a part of your movement.  We offer you the Assessdo technology for $5 annually per person.  Purchase for your mentors, mentees, or staff.  

We will provide you with 2 FREE domain themes (valued at $1500) if you have 500+ participants using the Assessdo situation perception software.  

Unlimited Assessments: Unrestricted annual assessing capabilities allows you to comprehensively evaluate mentees’ and mentors progress, needs, and challenges, ensuring a thorough and ongoing analysis for tailored guidance and support.

Versatility: Caters to diverse needs across different user segments and offers core functionalities adaptable to various user requirements.