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Our Products

Our products are tailored to meet the diverse needs of individuals, educational institutions, and businesses, providing comprehensive insights and actionable data to enhance decision-making processes.   Assessdo offers a suite of innovative products designed to revolutionize the realm of risk assessments and adaptive behavior evaluations.

Evidence-Based Tools & Practice

Psychometric Tools

Assessdo’s psychometric tools measure traits, abilities, and behaviors, ensuring credible data for informed decisions.

Geneva Appraisal Method

Assessdo follows the Geneva Appraisal Method, offering insights into emotional experiences, intensity and regulation.

Quantitative Approach

Assessdo instantly gauges emotions without compromising data quality while accurately capturing thoughts and feelings.

Assessdo’s framework utilizes machine learning techniques to enhance its assessment capabilities.

Assessdo harnesses the power of machine learning models to optimize assessments, improve data analysis, enhance pattern recognition, and refine predictive modeling. These models are leveraged to augment the accuracy, depth, and efficiency of Assessdo’s assessment processes, enabling more nuanced insights and informed decision-making.

Frequently asked questions

What separates Assessdo from its competitors?
  • Assessdo focuses on authentic perspectives, aiming for a more genuine understanding of human thoughts and emotions.
  • Assessdo has a focus on mental health-conscious applications, ensuring its suitability and efficacy in sensitive environments.
  • Its adaptability and successful application across various domains showcases its versatility across sectors.
  • Significant importance on mitigating biased judgments, ensuring experiences in emotional environments are considered without initial bias
  • Assessdo’s ability to understand patterns of human thinking while bridging the gap between thoughts and emotions.
  • Commitment to ethical and accountable behavior, with a focus on considering the potential social impacts of AI and ensuring responsible usage.