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EchoSphere is a sophisticated behavioral AI application designed to understand, interpret, and seamlessly interact within the unique context of your organization’s environment. The EchoSphere comprehends social relationships, adapting behaviors and responses accordingly, excelling in processing social cues and contextual information to ensure interactions are not only effective but also culturally and socially appropriate. This advanced capability allows our AI to foster better engagement, enhance communication, and support a harmonious organizational culture by being attuned to the specific social dynamics and cultural nuances of your organization.

EcoSphere evokes a sense of interconnectedness and resonance. It represents a platform where ideas, thoughts, and conversations reverberate and amplify, creating a dynamic social environment.


PerceptX is a sentiment analysis application revolutionizing feedback collection and organizational insights. PerceptX prompts users with contextual questions or statements and offers a diverse range of perspective-based response options. Users can also input their own responses, enriching the data pool. PerceptX securely stores user-selected responses for comprehensive analysis. Leveraging advanced techniques such as weighted scoring and natural language processing (NLP), the application evaluates textual components, assigning adaptive behavior and risk analysis perception scores. Organizations benefit from actionable insights presented through visually compelling charts and graphs, showcasing feedback based on individual user perceptions. Additionally, PerceptX facilitates seamless communication by allowing organizations to append notes, either for public viewing or to remain private, enhancing collaboration and decision-making.

Frequently asked questions

What separates Assessdos products from its competitors?
  • Assessdo focuses on authentic perspectives, aiming for a more genuine understanding of human thoughts and emotions.
  • Assessdo has a focus on mental health-conscious applications, ensuring its suitability and efficacy in sensitive environments.
  • Significant importance on mitigating biased judgments, ensuring experiences in emotional environments are considered without initial bias
  • Abilities to understand patterns of human thinking while bridging the gap between thoughts and emotions.
  • Commitment to ethical and accountable behavior, with a focus on considering the potential social impacts of AI and ensuring responsible usage.